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Doright Co., Ltd., which founded in Qingdao in 2004, is the high-tech enterprise specialized in the manufacturing of energy-saving and environment protection equipment. It was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code: SZ 300950).

Developed through nearly 20 years, Doright now can provide customers in chemical industry, energy saving, metallurgy, solid waste treatment and other fields with service including but not limited to design, research, fabrication, inspection, sales and after-sales follow-up. The short distance to Qingdao Port, Qianwan Port and Jiaodong International Airport provide it both domestic and international logistic possibility for oversize and overweight parts.

In line with the purpose of employee achievement, customer service, shareholder reward and society benefit, Doright is committed to providing clean combustion, heat transfer and energy-saving solutions to worldwide customers, meeting the high-end equipment customization needs from global areas, as well as providing qualified products for environmental protection undertakings and leading enterprises in related industries. Through years of efforts, the comprehensive competitive strength and market share of Doright has been improved significantly. Now its products are exported to Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania and Africa.

Adhere to the concept of sufficient sincerity, innovative development and sustainable operation, Doright has built a complete manufacturing and production system. The total area of its heavy-duty workshops has up to 80,000 square meters. The certificates and qualifications it has including but not limited to the Fixed Pressure Vessel Design Qualification, the Class A2 Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Qualification, the Class A Boiler Manufacturing Qualification, the Class GC2 Pressure Pipeline Installation Qualification, the ASME-U Stamp, the ASME-S Stamp, the NB Certificate, the HSE Certificates, etc.

Guided by the enterprise spirit of social commitment, innovation seeking and specialization creating, Doright has always adhered to the policy of promoting development by innovation. Through years of independent research, development and innovation, it has obtained a number of invention patents and utility model patents, as well as 6 certifications of national or provincial first-set major technical equipment. It has also developed and produced a variety of major technical equipment to replace national imports, so that some domestic gaps in energy-saving and environment protection field were filled.

Doright has been awarded various prizes, including but not limited to Provincial Energy-saving and Environment protection Demonstration Enterprise, Provincial Carbon Black Energy-saving Equipment Engineering Technology Research and Development Center, Provincial Patent Star Enterprise, Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Provincial Celebrated Trademark, Provincial Well-known Products, Prefectural Well-known Products, Prefectural Celebrated Trademark, Prefectural Specialized and New Enterprise. It has been the doctoral students practice base for Tsinghua University and the Produce, Teaching and Research Base for Shandong University of Science and Technology and Shandong University of Technology. It has established a research center for clean combustion, energy-saving and environment protection in Qingdao University of Science and Technology as well. With such extensive support, Doright has embarked on a unique road of independent innovation and development.

Doright always pay much attention to team cultivation, development guidance and career promotion, which makes the employees better-educated, professionally, more competent and younger in age. Based on above, it gained a strong support for the sustainable development.

Based on the core value “Do Right Things and Do Things Right” and the enterprise mission “Provide Energy-saving and Environment protection Solutions and High-end Equipment for Global Customers to Create the Green and Low-carbon Ecological Environment for Mankind”, Doright is making great strides towards the goal “Being Committed to Energy-saving and Environment protection to make Doright an internationally renowned enterprise with creativity and sense of social responsibility”.