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Awarded the "Doright Scholarship" of Tsinghua University in 2024 2024-04-30

On April 26, the theme of "Gratitude·Polishing things" scholarship ceremony was held in the school of Aerospace Engineering of Tsinghua University, and the Doright Scholarship was awarded to 11 outstanding graduate students. Mr. Liu Rugang, General manager of the company, sent a video speech, and Mr. Jin Yanchao, Director of Research and Development, participated in the on-site activity.


Starting from 2022, Doright will donate 100,000 RMB in scholarships annually to Tsinghua University, totaling 500,000 RMB. To support the development of Tsinghua University and reward outstanding students and research teams from the School of Aerospace Science and Technology. 

Since 2014, Doright and Tsinghua University have established a long-term and good cooperative relationship, and have successively established the "Tsinghua University School of Aerospace Engineering Doctoral Professional Practice Base" and "Tsinghua University Student Research Practice Base", achieving significant results in scientific research, graduate and undergraduate internship practice.


The cooperation between both parties has provided strong support for the company to maintain innovation in technology and products, and to provide customers with higher quality and reliable technology, products, and services. Since the cooperation, both parties have conducted a total of 54 research projects, involving the company's core technology products such as ultra-high temperature air preheaters, quench boilers, steam soot blowers, wet pelletizer machines, rotary drum dryers, waste heat boilers, etc., providing strong theoretical and research support for the continuous upgrading of the company's products, and has been fully verified in the actual operation of the equipment. 


Doright will continue to strengthen industry-university-research cooperation with Tsinghua University and other universities and research institutes, and continue to provide global customers with solutions and high-end equipment on the track of reducing carbon emissions, green clean energy and new materials, and jointly create a green and low-carbon ecological environment for mankind.