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Promote the spirit of labor models and strive to be pioneers of the era - Doright team and employees received Labor Day honors 2024-04-30

To celebrate the International Labor Day of May 1st, vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, and craftsmanship, and call on model workers and craftsmen at all levels to better play a demonstration and leading role in promoting the integration of the construction of the "Five New Cities" in the Shanghai Cooperation Demonstration Zone, on the morning of April 29th, Jiaozhou City held the Jiaozhou City Celebration International Labor Day Conference and the Second Plenary Session of the 13th Committee of the Jiaozhou City Federation of Trade Unions at the Municipal Convention Center. Li Huanyu, member of the 13th Committee of the Jiaozhou Federation of Trade Unions and Chairman of the Trade Union of Qingdao Doright Energy saving Equipment Co., Ltd., representatives of our award-winning team and award-winning employees were invited to attend the meeting.


At the meeting, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions commended the collectives and individuals who received various honors and awards such as the May Day Labor Medal, Medal, and Worker Pioneer. Our company has won multiple honors. The design department has been awarded the "Qingdao Worker Pioneer", the R&D department's Jin Yanchao has been awarded the "Qingdao May Day Labor Medal", the Shanghai Cooperation Class's Zhang Lei has been awarded the "Shanghai Cooperation Craftsman" title, and the finance department's Jiang Li has been awarded the "Most Beautiful Employee in Jiaozhou City" title.


In recent years, Doright has fully played the exemplary and leading role of the vanguard team and advanced model workers, creating a good atmosphere of labor glory and a dedication to excellence. We encourage more employees to become model workers and innovative talents, guide them to love their jobs, strive for excellence, dare to innovate, and be pioneers in their respective work positions, and strive to promote the high-quality development of the company.

The company adheres to the spirit of "craftsmanship" and provides customers with green and low-carbon solutions and high-end equipment, contributing the strength of craftsmanship to the human carbon reduction cause.