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Carrying forward the craftsman spirit, Doright successfully held the "craftsman Cup" welding competition 2024-04-29

In order to implement the company's policy of training skilled personnel and create a good learning atmosphere of being positive and learning to catch up, Doright Co., Ltd. held a three-day "2024 Doright 'craftsman Cup' welding competition" on April 24, 2024.


The competition was jointly planned by all departments of Doright. Leaders of the company, the Municipal Federation of trade unions, the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, Qingdao special inspection institute and other leaders attended the competition to cheer for the contestants.


The participating technicians include both experienced "old welders" and vigorous "new welders". According to the years of employment, experience and technology, the company divides the competitors into young workers group and precision workers group, with a total of 65 welding technicians participating in this competition.


Before the competition, Doright's Welding Training Center conducted a one month intensive training on welding theoretical knowledge, process discipline and welding practice technology for all participating technicians. The welding technicians were full of enthusiasm and actively trained, creating a good atmosphere for learning and competition.




At the scene of the competition, the players are eager to show their skills. Welding guns sparkled with the spark of passion, and a line of the welds were neat and flawless. The judging standard of this competition is the millimeter level, which requires the contestant to complete the welding with extremely high precision. The judging standard of this competition is the millimeter level, which requires the contestant to complete the welding with extremely high precision. In addition, the mold specification is small, and heat dissipation is also one of the difficulties in the competition. It is also a great challenge for the players to control the welding current and ensure the flatness of welding.


After four days of fierce competition, Wang Defu won the first prize of the youth working group, Zhao Yunlong and Gao Shourui won the second prize of the youth working group, Han Guangfa, Xu Peng and Li Chao won the third prize of the youth working group. Qiao Yongjun won the first prize of precision working group, Jing Guanglong, Wang Yusheng, Ye Zhihai and He Liangming won the second prize of precision working group, and Chen Jiang, Luan Shuai, Wang Zhengxin, Li Wei, Du Wenju, Du Yisho, Han Bing and Li Yong won the third prize of precision working group.


This competition has made all departments of the company further realizing the importance of welding quality, stimulated the enthusiasm of employees for practical work, and will also provide the most powerful support for the development of the company's globalization strategy. 

Doright has been adhering to the concept of "lifelong learning and employee achievement", vigorously supports employees to learn, practice and growth, enhances the company's technical competitiveness, and enables employees to realize their personal values. At the same time, as a special equipment and energy-saving equipment manufacturing enterprises, high-quality products are the core competitiveness of the company, and superb welding technology is the premise of providing high-quality products. According to the requirements of the "high-quality development strategy", Doright takes multiple measures in the training of skilled talents, innovates the talent training mode, optimizes the talent growth path, achieves employees in multiple dimensions and aspects, meets customer needs, so as to realize the company's mission of creating a green and low-carbon ecological environment for mankind.