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Doright Successfully Holds Performance Exchange Meetings for 2023 and Q1 2024 2024-05-11


In order to further enhance the understanding of Doright's investment value among investors and deepen communication with investors, Doright held a 2023 annual and 2024 first quarter earnings communication meeting on May 10, 2024 at 14:00 in the conference room of Yangtze Securities in Shanghai. Mr. Liu Rugang, director and general manager of the company, Mr. Song Chao, vice president and secretary of the board, and Ms. Gao Linlin, vice president and financial director, attended the meeting. A total of more than 70 investment institution representatives participated in the communication activity. 


Mr. Song Chao provided investors with a comprehensive overview of the company, including its basic situation, main products and business areas, market prospects, past performance highlights, and future development strategies at the meeting. This information enhanced investors' understanding of the company's progress.

To further deepen the understanding of the company among investors, a Q&A session was set up at this exchange meeting, and on-site attendees asked questions to the company one after another. The company's general manager, board secretary, and CFO patiently answered questions raised by investors.


Finally, Mr. Liu Rugang, the General Manager of the company, expressed sincere gratitude to the investment research institutions who participated in this performance exchange meeting. The development of Doright cannot be separated from the support and assistance of various units of capital market investment research institutions!

Looking back at the past, Doright has achieved many remarkable results, but at the same time, we also know that while achieving certain results, we face many challenges. Doright always believes that pressure is the driving force. In the future development process of the company, Doright people will always closely unite, continuously optimize the operation and management of the company, achieve greater breakthroughs, present more brilliant performance in the capital market, and strive to create more value for shareholders and investors.