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Music Capital of the world| Doright is writing a new chapter in the Carbon Black Industry’s journey towards "Net Zero Emissions” 2024-05-21


The 2024 Carbon Black World Congress was successfully held in Vienna, Austria from May 14th to 15th, 2024. The attendees discussed the opportunities and challenges faced by the carbon black industry under the concept of "net zero emissions", successful cases of energy conservation and emission reduction, and strengthening cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry.


The conference consisted of two days of presentations and sharing, providing global participants with diverse perspectives and insights from the entire carbon black value chain. The content of the conference was divided into six categories: Market and Business Prospects - Changing World; Carbon Black Raw Materials and Materials; Special Carbon Black and R&D Focus; Sustainability Challenges, Solutions, and Pathways to Net Zero Emissions; Low Emission and Clean Carbon Black - Process and Technology Focus; Future-Oriented - Solutions, Production, and Process Improvement.




As the only platinum sponsor of this year's Carbon Black Conference, Doright fully supports the convening of the conference. In addition, in order to thank the industry colleagues for their support and encouragement for a long time, the company sponsored the welcome banquet on the evening of the 14th. Before the banquet, Mr. Song Chao, deputy general manager and secretary of the Board of Directors, gave a toast. He proposed that in line with the purpose of "achieving employees, serving customers, rewarding shareholders, and benefiting society", Doright has been committed to providing global customers with clean combustion and heat transfer energy-saving solutions over the years, meeting the high-end equipment customization needs from around the world, and providing high-quality products for international environmental protection and related industries. At the same time, we also hope that the company can continue to improve itself, achieve sustainable development, and continue to bring the voice of China to the carbon black world - efforts, sincerity, and integration.




On the 15th, Mr. Zhu Zilong, deputy director of the design department of the company, made a report entitled "skid-mounted carbon black energy-saving production line". As a new way of cooperation, the skid-mounted structure is a system solution that can realize the rapid installation, convenient maintenance and stable operation of each module of the carbon black production line.

Traditional carbon black production lines have the problem of having a large number of non-standard equipment types and low standardization and serialization levels of equipment. However, as the carbon black production process becomes increasingly mature and stable, the supporting carbon black production equipment and process flow have become relatively fixed. In order to improve the standardization level of the carbon black production line, shorten the construction period of new or renovation projects, and achieve cost reduction and increased efficiency, Doright proposed the concept of modular carbon black energy-saving production line. Based on previous design experience, the company has launched a standardized equipment series for each device under the conventional production capacity. The modular structure is a series of module combinations formed on the basis of these standardized equipment.

The modular structure is conducive to the promotion and replication of the entire production line and effectively reduces the design, installation, and maintenance costs. By integrating the individual installation requirements of equipment, pipelines, instruments, etc., it ensures that the module systems within the zone are designed optimally, installed reasonably, maintained conveniently, and run stably.


Subsequently, the company will continue to adhere to the corporate philosophy of "integrity, innovation and sustainable development", inherit the corporate spirit of "bearing greatness with virtue, adhering to the old and seeking the new, creating uniqueness for the future", practice the corporate mission of "providing energy-saving and environmental protection solutions and high-end equipment for global customers, jointly creating green and low-carbon ecological environments for human beings", devote itself to the cause of energy-saving and environmental protection, and fully support high-quality, multi-dimensional and sustainable development of the carbon black industry.