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Doright Successfully Passed the Audit of the Intellectual Property Management System 2023-08-02

    On July 26, 2023, the annual audit of Doright’s intellectual property management system was successfully completed.

ØThe intellectual property management system


    The intellectual property management system can put intellectual property rights at the strategic level of enterprise management, integrate its concept, organization, mode, personnel, and system into a whole, and strive to achieve the mission of enterprise intellectual property through systematic engineering.

ØOnsite audit


The expert group conducted a comprehensive audit of Doright’s intellectual property management system through communication, inquiry and document review. During the audit, the expert group provided valuable advice on the intellectual property management work, and fully affirmed Doright’s efforts in building the intellectual property management system.

ØIntellectual property achievements

    Since the establishment of its intellectual property management system in 2019, Doright has conducted a series of professional intellectual property training in employees from R&D Department, Manufacturing Department, Procurement Department, Business Department, etc. It has developed and implemented detailed reward system for intellectual property, so as to enhanced employees’ innovation awareness and improve the intellectual property management system.


    So far, Doright has obtained so many intellectual property achievements, including but not limited to 24 invention patents, 101 utility model patents, 3 design patents, 3 EU design authorizations, 3 software copyrights, and 27 thesis published in domestic core journals. Based on above, it will continuously providing customers with higher quality services and solutions.

    In the future, Doright will continue to improve its intellectual property management system, and utilizing intellectual property to provide customers with high-performance products and innovative technology!